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Every child is entitled to the best medical care and facilities, that is tailored to their unique and distinct health needs. Nassau Pediatric Associates is the best pediatrician near Rockville Centre, delivering specialist care and treatment to children of all ages, encompassing everything from diagnosis through follow-up care. We offer a wide variety of specialized children’s services by experienced pediatricians and an expert team of healthcare professionals.

Nassau Pediatric Associates diagnose and treat children for a variety of health conditions, while also treating the parent and guardians with compassion and care. We offer a wide variety of healthcare services in our office, such as blood tests (CBC, lead, cholesterol, and mono test) done via simple finger stick by one of our skilled and caring nurses. We also offer urine analysis, urine culture, rapid strep screen and culture, and rapid influenza test. Aerosol nebulizer treatments for acute bronchospasm, tympanogram to assess middle ear function, and hearing and vision screening tests.

We provide urgent care visits and sick visit appointments when needed. Emergencies happen and we will be there for you when they do. We believe in providing prompt pediatrician service to all our patients, and take pride in our reputation in our community. Call us to schedule an appointment, and get in contact with our staff, who are always available to answer your questions and concerns.


CPR Classes to resume Spring 2024

  • CPR Class
    Infant, Child and Adult
    (03/27/2024 7:00pm)
  • @ Nassau Pediatrics
    Red Cross Certification
    $55/per Person
  • Call the office to Register
  • Space is Limited
  • Urgent care walk-ins for Nassau Pediatric Associates sick patients
  • Monday - Friday from 8:45- 10 am
  • Signed up for the portal ? You can schedule your appointments online.

Telehealth available with your Nassau Pediatric Providers during regular business hours. Please click on our Telehealth tab for more information and download our Anytime Pediatrics app.

Office Location

Nassau Pediatric Associates
380 Dogwood Avenue Franklin Square, NY 11010

Office Hours

Monday-Friday :

8:45am -11:45am and

Saturday :

8:45am - 12:30pm

Sunday :

Available for urgent visits. Please call to make appointment to be seen.


Hours may be extended as needed in cold and flu season.